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Hemp Nectar + 100% Aussie Fish & MCT Oil

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Hemp Nectar Size

Our 100% Australian Hemp Nectar is optimally blended with Australian wild caught fish and MCT (coconut) oil utilising our unique formula.  

A daily dog/cat supplement *
Add directly to food by easy no-mess pump system

Cool energy source
Joint health and mobility *
Healthy coats and skin allergies *
Healthy gut and immune system *
Enhanced omega balance

Ideally suited for older dogs
100% natural - Chemical free

Sustainably sourced
Oils ain't oils - 100% oil with no sediment or sludge

Bring out the puppy in your dog or the kitten in your cat!

Shake well before use.

* May provide assistance where dietary intake is insufficient.

Feeding Guide

Suitable for both dogs and cats.  1ml to 5ml per day depending on the animal’s bodyweight.  Mix in with food.  Can be used with other hemp products though do not exceed more than 10ml per day of total hemp consumption.

Dosage per day


Up to 10 kg - 1ml to 2ml

10kg to 20kg - 2ml to 3ml

20kg to 30kg - 3ml to 4ml

30kg and up - 4ml to 5ml


Up to 2kg - 1ml

2kg to 4 kg - 1ml to 2ml

4kg to 5kg - 2ml to 3ml

5kg and up - 3ml to 4ml

1 pump = 2ml

Introduce gradually from smaller doses over two weeks.

Expect to see wellness benefits in 2 to 4 weeks after regular use.

Consistent daily feeding achieves best results.

For animal use only.


Store below 28°C before opening.  Refrigerate after opening.

Cost Per Feed

250ml bottle = 32 cents per pump

100ml bottle = 49 cents per pump

Typical Analysis

Protein <7%, Fat <85%

Using 100% Australian Grown Hemp Seed Oil

    Hemp Nectar + 100% Aussie Fish &amp; MCT Oil
    Hemp Nectar + 100% Aussie Fish &amp; MCT Oil

    • 100% Aussie Grown, Made & Owned

      From seed to oil, our products are grown, produced and manufactured in Australia by Australian owners.


      Satisfaction Guarantee

      We love the product and know that you will too. On the off chance that you have any concerns contact us and we will assist you


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