Riders healing helped by hemp after horrendous fall.

By Hunter Brown

It’s a throwback post today, way back to 18th October 2020. 

It was day 2 of the Capel ODE - Cross Country Day!

My favourite day of any event. I chose this event to competition trial a horse I had thought of buying. This day was different, I lacked enthusiasm, I wasn’t liking the horse I was riding but I persevered as I didn’t want to let people down. This was my biggest mistake I should have spoken my truth about the doubts I had regarding the horse and how I was feeling. Anyhoo, we live, and we learn.

I ended up having a horrendous fall in cross country warm up. No rehash available as the memory is vague.

The outcome was spinal damage 75% of ligament torn from their safe comfy spot nestling my spine and keeping me upright.

Neck and spinal brace for a minimum of 3 months.

The Doctors were fond of telling me that I would never ride again with medical approval. I believe strongly in alternate medicine, and I used every practitioner that I believed in. These included physiotherapy, Reiki, Bowen Therapy, Naturopathic Pillules and HEMP!

My brace therapy was extended up to 6 months UGH!

I kept strong, I obeyed the hospital Dr’s advice to the rule - I also listened to the alternate therapists advice and I continued to take my Provex Hemp and Turmeric Capsules.  

I can’t say one thing healed me over the other, but hemp definitely helped me heal after my horrendous fall.

12 months later to the exact day I got on my loyal and trusted boy Salty and won the event that I thought had ended my riding journey.

For the 12 months that I was unable to ride, I kept the boys ticking over in the paddocks using Hemp Hearts and Hulls for Jaguar and Salty on the purest form of Provex Premium Hemp Seed Oil. The results were impressive and I was able to get back in the saddle with confidence that my horses were in great condition.

In our next instalment we will discuss the arrival of our newest member of team Provex Australia and Lamont Estate.