Terpenes for sleep.  Simple and Effective.

Terpenes for sleep. Simple and Effective.

Terpenes for sleep, a game changer

The human body and sleep

Sleep is a basic human function and poor sleep can affect our enjoyment and quality of life. Our bodies cannabinoid receptors are critical for pain relief, sleep, immunity (including addressing cancers), and mood, along with numerous other functions. Terpenes are naturally occurring substances produced by a wide variety of plants and animals and work by feeding our natural endocannabinoid system.

Provex's botanical terpene blend is formulated with only natural ingredients to help those who need to wind down after a long day to prepare the body to get to sleep. Getting to sleep is only half the battle. Sleep terpenes have been proven to improve the quality and length of restfulness enabling people to function throughout the day. Sleep can assist when ingested or may be applied topically. Three major monoterpenes found in Provex Sleep include Myrcene, Linalool and D-Limonene.


Lavender the Linalool Hero

Linalool is a fragrant molecule which has significant therapeutic benefits. Also found in lavender, linalool has been found to be effective for anxiety and convulsions. The most important biological properties are central nervous system depressant effects, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities.


Myrcene Rich Mango

Myrcene has sedative effects and can increase sleep time, and act as a motor relaxant. Myrcene can also help with pain and reduce inflammation. Helping to heal and protect this terpene is a great natural anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic


Citrus Goodness and Limonene Goodess

Limonene acts as natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antinociceptive and gastroprotective agent. Also found in citrus fruit, studies demonstrate that limonene enhances sleep quality, prolongs sleep duration and improves a persons daily routine functions.

Give terpenes for sleep a try today.